Information Systems for Resource Efficiency and Sustainability

Seminar in summer semester 2012, Saarland University, Department of Computer Science

Resource efficiency and sustainability increasingly do not only become a deciding competitive factor for manufacturing industry and logistics, but also a matter of personal lifestyle in terms of resource-aware behavior. Information technology may support this trend in various ways, for instance, with automated or semi-automated methods for capturing parameters affecting resource consumption, for analyzing such parameters, and for deriving and communicating instructions to machines and human users. Goal of the seminar is to review and summarize research activities related to the diverse aspects of this research trend.

Linking Virtual and Real World through Android Applications

Seminar in summer semester 2011, Saarland University, Department of Computer Science

Developing Android Applications to Digitize your Life!

Seminar in WS 2010/11, Saarland University, Department of Computer Science

With smartphones becoming wide spread, the first real ubiquitous computing devices are available. These phones are often packed with a variety of different sensors which can be utilized to make assumptions about the user's current situation and actions. In this seminar, participants will research literature and develop mobile applications in scenarios comprising aspects of novel remote controls, digital lifelogs, or interactive real-world games. The platform for development will be the Java-based Android OS running on Nexus One phones.

Digital Lifelogs

Proseminar in WS 2009/10, Saarland University, Department of Computer Science

Digital lifelogs want to humans in collecting automatically information over a (potentially life-)long period of time. The proseminar "Digital Lifelogs" addresses the building and exploitation of such structures from different thematic perspectives. Participants will get trained in presentation techniques, and have to prepare reports about applications such as digital diaries or a personal black box, and about techniques from ubiquitous computing, semantic web, and AI.